September 2019 Question



For this environment you will need the Rail Platform Edge surface mounted tactile paving. The purpose of this surface is to warn visually impaired people of the edge of railway platforms. The colour can be any colour other than red, but should provide a good contrast with the surrounding area to assist partially sighted people. The Rail Platform Edge warning surface should be laid immediately behind the platform edge coping stone.







The benefits of using our warning surface are:


  • No surface excavation required
  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Rapid installation
  • Lightweight and easy to transport




Approved for use by:


  • Network Rail
  • London Underground
  • DLR
  • ATOC
  • Nexus
  • First Capital Connect




The profile of the off-street warning surface consists of offset rows flat-topped domes 5mm high, spaced 66.5mm apart from the centre of one dome to the centre of the next.







It is incredibly important to monitor the condition of the tactile surface and to plan for placement as part of maintenance programmes. The profile of the tactile surface is crucial to its effectiveness as a warning to visually impaired people. At 4.5mm high, the surface will still be effective. If the flat topped anti slip domes fall below that height, the effectiveness of the surface will be reduced and it will be undetectable.