November 2019 Question



Which decking product should be used for a marina?



GRP is quickly becoming one of the most requested materials for specifications due to the diversity of applications for which it can be used. It suits usage in marinas because it does not rot, warp or become a slip hazard. Covering your timber decking in our GRP DeckGrip Max Structural Decking Boards or Anti Slip GRP Decking Strips reduces the risk of this, as well as counteracting the risk of water retention and algae build up.

Marinas are unique in the sense that all year round they are exposed to three very damaging elements – water, wind and sun. FibreGrid supply a range of anti slip decking products for a variety of marina applications such as decking, pontoons, gangways, boardwalks and footbridges.




Our DeckGrip Max Anti Slip GRP Structural Decking Boards are a long-lasting anti slip decking solution to replace the wooden planks on decking, and affordable alternative to traditional timber profiles. Whilst aesthetically pleasing, DeckGrip Max is also much stronger than timber of the same thickness and unsupported spans of up to 1350mm can be achieved without additional supports.





By replacing the old, warped or rotten timber, these DeckGrip Max Structural Decking Boards can be easily applied in place of the old decking boards, instantly improving the present walkway.






Available in Standard and Heavy Duty (the latter being more suitable for marinas), these make a fantastic solution for ramps and walkways unsuitable for DeckGrip Max.

Our Anti Slip Heavy Duty GRP Decking Strips are long lasting and extremely durable. They come supplied with zinc plated decking screws and pre-drilled. The strips are simply screw fixed on to the existing timbers, through the pre-drilled holes, using the suitable screws provided. Traditional timber decking can be extremely slippery underfoot. The addition of the Anti Slip GRP Decking Strips offer an instant remedy with their slip resistant surface.