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May 2019 Question



What are the different types of surfaces available for grating?


We covered a similar topic in January’s Question this year, discussing the differences between our grating products. In this question however, we’ll be looking at the different top surfaces available for our grating.


As standard, our Square Mesh grating comes with a grit top to provide an anti slip surface. There is also a choice between our Standard and Heavy Duty Square Mesh Grating, in that our Standard Grating has a post-cure grit top, whereas our Heavy Duty Grating has embedded grit, making the grit more heavy duty and long-lasting with a higher slip resistance value.


Square Mesh Grating Grit Top




FibreGrid can also manufacture bespoke grating with a 'plain' top (flat, no grit) or a 'concave' top (slightly curved, no grit. See image below), for situations where a grit top is not desired.

Examples of circumstances not requiring a grit top:

  • If it will be walked on without shoes/barefoot (the grit can be quite sharp if walked on without shoes)
  • If the grating is used solely for load bearing
  • If the grating will be used in the food industry - the grit may contaminate food, so a no-grit option would be beneficial


Our bespoke grating options will require a lead time to produce (although we may have similar products in our Clearance section, which is updated regularly).

To place a bespoke order, please call our sales team on 01440 712722.



Concave Grating



Please be aware that our concave and plain (grit-less) grating have no additional slip resistance values, as the grit would provide this.


We now stock Solid Top grating which has no open area whatsoever, providing a flat surface ideal for preventing objects from falling through. This grating also comes with an anti slip grit top as standard, but a bespoke ‘plain’ (no grit) option can be chosen given lead time.



Solid Top Grating




If you're unsure of which surface your grating project requires, call our knowledgeable and experienced sales team on 01440 712722.



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