GRP Walkway for Aerospace Facility




CAV Aeroscape awarded Sincera the contract to install light grey GRP panels as a walkway adjacent to Sulphuric Acid Tanks within their facility in Consett, County Durham.




The client was looking for a more cost effective solution to traditional steel grating - and found Fibregrid.
The cost of the project was significantly less than a traditional GRP alternative, and the installation well within deadlines.
Customer was "Over the moon, a much better job than steel grating."


Why did the client choose FibreGrid's GRP grating?

FibreGrid's GRP grating is extremely lightweight, durable and has a long lasting service life, meaning the GRP panels will not need to be replaced throughout the vehicles' working life.


- Extremely hard wearing
- Corrosion resistant
- Easy to handle and install
- Low carbon print
- Low maintenance cost
- Rapid installation