C Channel Profile

Ideal for beams, and cable trays these C Channels comply with BS EN 13706 E23/E17 standard. Sold in multiples of 6 metre lengths.

Stock Code: PPCC200X60X9.5

£217.02 ex VAT
( £260.42 inc VAT )

Composition: Isophthalic polyester resin reinforced with E glass fibre with continuous strand mat and a polyester surface veil.


Structural Shapes: All of the pultruded profiles are a structural composite and capable of dealing with certain load requirements.

Light weight:Pultruded Profiles are significantly lighter than steel profiles (approx. ¼ the weight of similar steel profiles). This reduces the need for heavy lifting equipment during construction.

Fire Retardant: Pultruded Profiles can be made with fire retardant resins subject to minimum order quantities.

Corrosion Resistant: Pultruded Profiles are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and is perfectly suited for use even in the harshest of environments.

Sold in multiples of 6 metre lengths.


Dry fit all Pultruded Profiles to ensure they fit freely and that they sit flat down on the surface. If required, Pultruded Profiles can be trimmed on site to suit, ideally using a skill saw with a 4mm diamond blade or an angle grinder with a 1mm blade.

Please ensure that goggles and gloves are worn at all times when any form of cutting is involved.


Profiles to be fitted in accord with structural design information.

Technical Data Sheet Download

Mechanical Data Sheet Download



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C Channel Dimensions (mm):    
Height: Width Thickness: KGs Per Metre:
50 30 4 0.75
76 25.4 6.3 1.25
76 35 5 1.29
100 50 6 2.03
150 50 6 2.57
200 60 8 4.68
200 60 9.5 5.59
200 55 9.5 6.14
280 70 12 9.17
From £168.00 ex VAT
( From £201.60 inc VAT )
From £108.00 ex VAT
( From £129.60 inc VAT )
From £31.80 ex VAT
( From £38.16 inc VAT )
From £13.14 ex VAT
( From £15.77 inc VAT )

Prices shown are excluding VAT. If you are ordering 10 or more profiles, please call 01440 712722 for savings on delivery cost.

Panel Size United Kingdom Mainland
Per two 6 metre profiles £14

Panel Size Highlands and Islands
Per two 6 metre profiles £37

Panel Size Northern Ireland
Per two 6 metre profiles £32

Panel Size *Europe Zone 1
Per two 6 metre profiles £127


* Countries included in Europe Zone 1 - Southern Ireland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands & Belgium. For all deliveries outside Europe Zone 1, please call 01440 712722 to place your order.

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