SlipGrip Anti Slip Concrete Floor Paint - 5 Litres

SlipGrip Anti Slip Concrete Floor Paint is a versatile non-slip paint that can be used to brighten up tired outside spaces or to highlight areas such as garages, car parking spaces or walkways.

Stock Code: SGCPP5LLG

Why SlipGrip Car Park Paint?

  • Easy to apply
  • Dries in 24 hours
  • Can be applied to concrete and asphalt
  • PTV Dry 66: Extremely low slip potential), Wet 52: Low slip potential


    It can also be used in combination with other colours to identify hazards to pedestrians and vehicles. UV resistant, this will give you many years of active service. You can also use it on tennis courts and other sports facilities.

  • Preparation

    Use on a clean surface, remove grit and grime. A dry surface is best, but a little damp won’t hurt. Remove any grease with SlipGrip Degreaser.

    If the surface is already painted, then remove any flaky bits and provide a key for the new paint with a sander or similar.

    SlipGrip Degreaser should be used if oil and grease are present on the surface you are going to paint.


    We recommend you test first on a small area.

    Give the paint a good stir in the tin and apply by brush or medium pile roller, but there is no need to overload it. This is one of those paints where the final texture doesn’t show until the paint is dry, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look as advertised when you first apply it.

    One coat is fine normally, but if you need a second coat, it can usually be applied after about an hour, depending on the weather.

    NB: Don’t use if rain, frost or a temperature of below 10°C is forecast. New asphalt should be left for 3-6 months before applying a coating. It is too soft and oily when it is new.

    Technical Data Sheet Download

    Coverage 15m² per 5 litres, under normal conditions. You may need more if the surface is poor.


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