SlipGrip Anti Slip Self Adhesive PVC Sheet 1000mm x 1000mm

SlipGrip Anti Slip Self Adhesive PVC Sheets are a quick and easy solution to slippery floors. Just peel back the self-adhesive and push down in place.

Stock Code: SGASS1000BK

Why Fit SlipGrip Anti Slip Sheet?

For large areas, you may consider our SlipGrip GRP Flats Sheets, but for smaller areas we recommend these 1 metre square self-adhesive sheets that can cure a specific problem, such as a slippery area by an entrance door, or around dangerous machinery.

With excellent oil resistance and the ability to withstand temperatures between -30°C and 70° you can use them virtually anywhere. They are really flexible too – you can fold them 90° and they won’t crack. You can cut them with scissors.

Downtime: Whilst the tapes can be walked on immediately, full adhesion takes up to 24 hours, so please don’t subject the tapes to anything more than light foot traffic during this period.


  • Ensure the surface is clean, dry and smooth. No need to prime, unless the surface is porous or dusty, in which case use our Anti Slip Tape Primer.


  • If using outside, we recommend SlipGrip Anti Slip Tape Edge Sealer which stops water getting under the tape. You may choose to use this internally too as it will lengthen the tape’s life.

  • The lower the temperature, the weaker the adhesion, so don’t use on temperatures below 10°C. You can cut the sheets with a pair of sharp scissors, so it is easy to get the shape you need.

  • If your positioning does go awry, you can peel the sheet off the floor, but please do it straight away before the adhesive starts to set. For the best and smoothest finish, peel the backing strip off to a length of 50mm, and firm the tape into place with your hand or foot.

Sizes Dimensions: 1000mm x 1000mm

Slip Resistance PTV 103 Dry, 66 Wet: Extremely low slip potential

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