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Which adhesive product should I use for my application?

The term adhesion refers to a thin layer (the boundary layer) between the substrate and the adhesive itself - it applies to all forces or mechanisms which hold the adhesive with each substrate.
Forces and mechanisms related to the forces created by intermolecular interactions, chemical bonds anchoring mechanisms by roughness, adsorption and diffusion.

The adsorption phenomena occurs when part of the adhesive polymers enter in contact with the substrate but not cross it, bonding to it via the action of intermolecular interactions and / or chemical bonds that develop in the area known as boundary layer or interface. We can define the adsorption as the adhesion of the adhesive without penetration to the substrate.

The boundary layer refers to a thin layer corresponding to the interfaces between the substrate and the adhesive where are all the forces mentioned above.

WP70 Oxmine Silicone Sealer

  • Our WP70 Oxmine Silicone Sealer is a rapid curing silicone sealer for perimeter sealing of GRP flooring and stair tread covers – very good adhesion properties
  • Rapid curing - with a tack free time of less than 30 minutes
  • Low odour and safe to use

3M Marine 5200 Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant

  • Our 3M Marine 5200 Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant is a high performance, one part and moisture curing polyurethane adhesive sealant. It is a non-shrinking and non-sagging formula which makes ideal for applying our RungGrip Anti Slip Ladder Rungs
  • Can we applied up to 40ᵒc

SlipGrip Anti Slip Tape Primer

  • If you are applying our SlipGrip Anti Slip Tapes to a porous or dusty surface, our SlipGrip Anti Slip Tape Primer should be used first to ensure an extra strong adhesion
  • Our primer will ensure a proper surface for the tape to adhere two, and lengthen the amount of time between having to replace your tape again

SP350 Fix & Seal High Tack Adhesive

  • Our SP350 Fix & Seal High Tack Adhesive is a one component, non-sagging, elastic mastic adhesive based on hybrid polymers. The high initial strength of the adhesive is ideal for applying fibreglass GRP to a number of substrates
  • Good resistance to light, weather and ageing - suitable for internal and external applications

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