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GRP Grating                                                  

GRP Grating & Profiles

At FibreGrid we are leaders in GRP Fibreglass Grating technology. There are so many advantages to fibreglass over traditional steel – it is fire retardant, corrosion and impact resistant, anti slip, easy to fit and manoeuvre because it is so light and easy to clean. Unlike steel, it won’t buckle if heavy objects bump into it.


We have so many different sizes and styles of grating, including pultruded profiles, and we can produce in virtually any colour (with an extended lead time). We normally have 3,000 panels, of various sizes, in stock at any one time, so if your project needs to be done urgently, we can help.


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Why Choose FibreGrid GRP Grating?

FibreGrid moulded grating performs time after time in the most testing conditions. It offers a cost effective alternative to traditional steel and has many other advantages:


Slip Resistant

Our open mesh flooring comes with a slip resistant top surface as standard and easily exceeds the minimum requirements of the ‘extremely low’ potential for slip rating demanded by the UK Slip Resistant Group Guide of 2002.


Impact Resistant

Bump into steel grating with a forklift, for example, and it will buckle. GRP grating has high energy absorption and can be repeatedly knocked without causing permanent damage.



At only 12.3kg per square metre (25mm high) and 19.5kg per square metre (38mm high), you don’t need any heavy lifting gear or specialist equipment. A two-person team can easily complete the job.


Fire Retardant

Our grating has been tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 7 and also meets the requirements of Class 2 (certificates available on request). If you need a higher resistance and low smoke generation, then a phenolic resin is available. Unlike steel, there is no danger of sparking if metal objects are dropped on the grating.


Corrosion Resistant

We offer a choice of chemical resistant resins and, what’s more, our grating can be used in the toughest conditions, such as oil rigs, chemical plants and coastal applications to name but a few.


Don’t just take our word for it. Sky plc and Norwich Castle have very different businesses, but both use our grating.