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DeckGrip Anti-Slip GRP Decking Strips

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Make hazardous slippery wooden decks safe with Deckgrip Anti Slip Decking Strips. DeckGrip is a simple, effective product that helps make wooden decking become an anti-slip surface. Installation is very easy; using pre-drilled holes and screws (which come with the product). No glue is needed, keeping mess and downtime to a minimum.

The strips are hard-wearing and are manufactured by pultrusion - this means they won't expand as much as other hand lay-up products might do. For this reason, DeckGrip Strips are ideal for high-traffic areas.

GRP Decking strips also include a superior ceramic grit which is twice as hard as the commonly used fused Quartz. This provides you with a highly durable and effective solution that will help prevent slips and protect the decking for many years to come.

There a are various widths and finishes available to cover your needs and all leading edges are chamfered to further reduce potential trips. Standard colours include yellow, stone or black, with widths of 50,90 and 120mm.

Key Points:

Additional security from chamfered edges
Anti-slip and hard-wearing
Variety of colours, sizes and widths
Simple installation
Comes with decking screw fixings
Pre-drilled holes
DeckGrip Anti Slip Decking Strips

Decking strips on walkways


DeckGrip Strips are manufactured by pultrusion this means that the product does not expand and contract as much as hand lay up products currently on the market.

Slip Resistant
With the addition of DeckGrip Strips any timber decking areas are instantly transformed.

Simple Installation
DeckGrip Strips have been designed to offer quick and easy installation. The product comes with pre-drilled holes and screw fixings are provided. Unlike other products, no glue is required to install the product.

Given the choice of widths available, DeckGrip Strips are able to compliment existing decking areas by making a feature of the Strips against the timber substrate.



 Deckgrip Strips

Deckgrip Strips


The strips are available in widths of 50mm, 90mm and 120mm x 3mm thick. Decking Strips are simply screw fixed onto the existing timbers through the pre-drilled holes, using the suitable Decking Strip screws provided.

To offer additional safety, both leading edges of the profile have been designed with a chamfer. Available in lengths of 1200mm and 2400mm the product is perfect for the majority of decking areas and walkways.

A fine grit version is also available which is perfect for commercial applications such as hospitals and schools etc.


DeckGrip Strips



Coarse Grit

Coarse Grit
DeckGrip Strips


Fine Grit

Fine Grit
(Black &
Stone Only)
DeckGrip Strips

DeckGrip Strips





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