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No matter how well paving slabs may be laid, there is always the risk of moss and detritus build up between and on the paving. All paving needs to be maintained consistently and with either FibreGrid Block Paving Sealer and FibreGrid Heavy Duty Block Paving Sealer, it improves the ease at which it can be maintained. Our block paving sealer products are designed to penetrate the jointing sand to form an elastomeric joint, meaning the flexibility of the paving is retained, sand loss from the joint is minimised and the growth of moss and weeds can be prevented.




Applying either our standard Block Paving Sealer or Heavy Duty Block Paving Sealer to your paving before the winter is the best way to preserve the integrity of the slabs when exposed to the harsh elements that winter may bring. The moisture that comes with the bad weather is a key component to moss and algae forming on and in block paving. Applying our sealers will reduce the chance of this happening, and improve the ease of removal if such contaminants taint the surface.




As well as preventing moss and other surface detriments, sealing paving before winter prevents water accumulating on the surface and flowing down into the joints, which refreezes later. The expansion force created by the freezing water can widen the joints all winter long. If you don't want to find the jointing of your paving compromised in the spring, take the time to seal the joints in the autumn with the Block Paving Sealer for domestic paving and our Heavy Duty Block Paving Sealer for more commercial paving such as roads, runways, etc.