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The UK's leading supplier of anti slip flooring, decking and grating







Anti Slip Flooring and Decking


Anti Slip Flooring and Decking


No matter what the slippery situation is, we have it covered to keep people on their feet.


For floors we have tough flat sheets that will make landings, corridors, walkways and pathways anti slip easily and quickly.


We also offer SlipGrip Line Marker – the easy way to paint demarcation lines in car parks and other places when you need to keep people in line!


For the visually impaired, our range of tactile flooring will help them to locate hazards or changes in elevation, thus allowing them to move around with a great degree of confidence.


Decking can be treacherous in the wet, but we have decking strips and a tough deck coating for traditional decking, plus DeckGrip Max – GRP profiles to replace slippery timber or pontoons, marinas and other slippery situations.