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Mini Mesh Grating

Mini Mesh Grating

(EXCL. VAT) £185.00 From (INCL. VAT) £222.00

Grating that focuses on smaller objects not falling through

PRODUCT NP. FG18-Grating

Black Grey Stone Yellow
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(EXCL. VAT) £185.00 From (INCL. VAT) £222.00
Product Details

GRP Grating can provide you with a reliable, high-quality floor covering in the most demanding conditions. It copes well with high traffic levels and is long-lasting, as well as slip resistant.

With over 40 different grating types available in a selection of different panel sizes and in any RAL colour, you can be assured that we have a grating to suit your application.

The non slip GRP flooring has outstanding performance and covers the 'extremely low' slip rating set out by the UK Slip Resistant Group Guide 2002.

Its fibreglass construction offers a lightweight product, which can be easily manoeuvred - without the use of heavy machinery. Also, as the grating isn't magnetic, it can be utilised in what are called 'sensitive' environments, or where there's a risk of gases being present.

FibreGrid offers a wide variety of grating types, colours and resin systems; everything from plain top fibreglass grating to and anti slip grit top grating. What sets the gritted grating apart from the competition is its strength and durability. Incorporating a pre cure application, the grit is embedded deep into the surface of the fibreglass resin. This provides superior performance and longevity compared to the majority of grating on the market.

We also provide free samples for those who are unsure of the grating type they need. In addition, unlike some other suppliers, FibreGrid grating fully complies with BS 4592-6:2008 (Industrial GRP Flooring). Our Phenolic grating is LU approved and provides increased resistance to fire whilst maintaining structural integrity.

Resin System
Standard stock grating panels are constructed using high grade chemical resistant Isophthalic Polyester resin (full chemical resistance chart available here).  The resin will include a UV inhibitor and be fire retardant additives. Other resin systems are available including phenolic resins for increased fire retardant. If you require different resin systems, please contact us to discuss your requirement. 

Load Bearing Tables
Measurements on line, concentrated and uniform loads can be views on our load bearing here. 


Key Points:

GRP grating has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel
Option for embedded ExtremeCore™ Grit for increased performance
Rust and corrosion resistant
Long lasting and virtually maintenance free
Isophthalic resin as standard
Non conductive, radio frequency transparent and sound absorbing
Contracts and expands less in heat or cold compared to metal, wood or plastic
Multiple sizes, types and colours available

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Technical Data Sheet

Specifications + Technical Data Sheets

FG18 = Black, 4007mm x 1007mm x 14mm

FG18 = Stone, 4047mm x 1247mm x 14mm

FG12 = Grey, 3007mm x 1007mm x 30mm

Grid Pattern: 14x20mm, 30x20mm Square Mesh
Load Bar Thickness: 6.4mm and 7mm
Load Bar Centres: 20mm
No. Bars per foot: 16
Open Area: 42%
Approx. Weight:

FG18 = 10.5 kg's/sq.m

FG12 = 18 kg's/sq.m

Panel Sizes Available (mm): 4047 x 1247, 4007 x 1007, 3007 x 1007
Colours Any of the grating types can be manufactured in any BS or RAL colour. Standard stock colours are Green, Yellow and Grey.
How To Apply


Ensure that the areas that are to have Grating fitted are clean and dry and free from loose and friable material.

Dry fit all Grating panels to ensure that they fit freely and that they sit flat down on to the surface. If required, Grating panels can be trimmed on site to suit using an industrial jigsaw and appropriate cutting blades (Bosch “T101 A1F” or similar are ideal).



‘C’ Clips: To be used to join panels together, spacing will be determined by panel thickness but assume one clip to be affixed every 500mm at an angle slot clip over the 2 load bars and twist so the clip is horizontal then screw in bolt to the threaded base of the clip and tighten.

‘M’ and ‘L’ Clips: Set out where you will be positioning your grating clips, a guide would be in each corner and then every 500mm spaces. Push the clips into the open mesh squares so that the clip sits neatly on the load bar(s) and the base of the clip is sitting close to the bottom of the grating panel. If you are fixing directly into the existing surface, pilot drill through the hole in the clip and into the substrate then fix using the appropriate screw and plug. If you are fixing into a support frame you will need to drill through the frame and then put through bolt fitting and tightening the washer and nut underneath the frame.

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