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Fibregrid - 10 step checklist to an anti slip workplace



Fibregrid - 10 step checklist to an anti slip workplace

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips and trips are the most common injuries sustained in the UK workforce, accounting for over a third of all workplace-related accidents each year. Data from the HSE suggests that each year, two people actually die each year as a result of slips or trips. Being aware of this risk and preparing for it properly can not only help employers ensure the safety of their staff, but also potentially save themselves millions of pounds each year due to lowered risk of lost production time.

To make these savings within your own business and take proper care of your employees, follow our 10-step checklist for an anti-slip workplace...


Fibregrid 10 Step Checklist to an Anti-Slip Workplace [infographic]


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10 Step Checklist to an Anti-Slip Workplace (text-version)

Weather conditions

Operate only when prepared for the right weather conditions, e.g. in rain, high winds or snow


Use the right equipment for the job - such as long ladders


Make sure you’re operating where you can see and hear properly; ensuring working areas are well lit


Work in groups or at least pairs on jobs where slips may be a risk – especially when working at height


Only set tasks to people with the right training and qualifications for the job


Clear all obstacles that could cause a trip risk, e.g. tools left out, buckets, tables and chairs


Wear gloves with a good grip factor when working at height and bright, identifiable clothing


Wear slip-resistant footwear with good tread and protection from the elements or heavy objects


Work in a clean working environment, free of contaminants such as water leaks or oil on floors and surfaces


Use anti-slip flooring and highlight uneven surfaces


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